About Us

About the company

Guangzhou SunRich Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of packaging machine, automatic and semi-automatic can sealing machine, dryer, powder,granule,liquid filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, coding Machines and other non-standard customized automatic packaging production lines, widely used in the food industry for alcohol, juice, sauces, instant bird’s nest, nuts,powder.Cosmetics in the daily chemical industry, lubricants, sulfuric acid, cleaning agents, automotive supplies , the health care products of the pharmaceutical factory, ointments, oral medicines, we have a senior technical talent with strong innovation and technical experience and a modern management team. At the same time, it has strong product development, design, manufacturing, sales and service capabilities.

Team Support

Pre-sales service

We have professional sales team to communicate with customers and can clearly know what customer need and provide suitable and best equipment recommendation on customers’ project.

Design team

We have experience design team to help to make the good solution according to customers’ special requirements.

Installation team

Our installation team is very careful in every installation processing to ensure each part of the machine in good condition.

Debugging team

After all single machine finished installation and basic testing,the debugging team will connect all the machines of the line together .They will use customers’ samples to debugging the whole line and ensure the line could use smoothly when they arrive at customers’ factory.

Quality control

After finished debugging and before delivery ,our QC team will double check the machines and submitted an qualify report to warehouse,then warehouse release delivery.

Packing team

We have a profession packing team,and they could expertly pack the machines and the accessories in the export wooden case and make them fit in the container.