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How to choose a suitable can seamer machine?

Can packing such as tin can ,aluminium can ,paper can ,PET can is more and more popular in food industries ,It’s more convenient for transport and avoid air leakage because of the sealed effect is better than pouch.So,more and more customers use can packaging for their products and they need to consider the sealing problems,but they are not professional in choosing a suitble can seamer machine for themselves .That’s why we always receive the questions from our customers regarding to the can seaming machine.Today ,we will introduce some of our Can sealing machine to you.

So ,you should know what is the can seamer machine/can sealing machine/can sealer first.

A can seaming machine can either have one or more seaming heads in which each head is considered as a separate machine.There are seaming rollers to double seam which makes the can edge and the lid edge to perfectly combined and then the cans will be sealed to avoid products spill out and air leakage .What we produce is the medium speed can sealer machine , the number of heads increasing with the machine’s speed for production lines requiring higher demands.

Besides, you could use an automatic can seamers machine to streamline the packaging process to improve production efficiency and save on labor costs. Apart from these, you can also enjoy other benefits of integrating an automated packaging machine in your production line.

We are a professional can packaging machine manufacturer in China. There are different kinds of semi-automatic and fully automatic can seaming machine in our factory.

can sealer

For semi-automatic can sealing machine,if you are a small factory and you just start your business or even you need home use ,we recommend you to use this semi-auto can seamer machine .This machine is simple in construction,2pcs of seaming rollers ,1pc of seaming head ,1pc of tray with 1pc of control pedal.When using this can sealing machine,you should put the can on the tray manually,then press the pedal to finish one time sealing.

servo can sealer

For fully automatic can sealing machine,we just need to ensure the lid is enough supplied for the machine,because it always used in a production line,The cans will be sent from an unscrambler table and the conveyor of the can sealer machine will received the cans then go to the sealing station ,all this processing will be done automatically.So,if your need high speed can sealing machine or you need to use with a production line ,this can seaming machine will be better to choose.

These two can seaming machines are our basis sealing machine for cans.Some customers are worried that they purchase a machine from distant county (China),they are not professional in machines ,so ,they can’t assembly the machine by themselves.Please don’t worried about that ,when you make an order from us ,you need to send your can and lid samples to us ,we will make all the mould according to your samples,and use your samples to debugging the machines.After finished ,we will send acceptance video for your checking ,after your confirm,our QC department will double check the whole machine .Then logistic department will clean the machine then pack them in export wooden case ,the semi-automatic can sealing machine can be used directly when you receive it ,and for the fully automatic can seaming machine ,you only need to assembly the conveyor then can use directly .This job is even easy for a women ,if you are a man,why can’t you?

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