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Powder Production Line

Single Head Auger Filling Machine|Powder Production Line | Milk Powder Protein Powder filling machine

1. Adopt single head or double-screw heads to ensure high-precision canning;
2. The cooperation between servo motor and pneumatic to control the screw metering,support cans,move cans,relaize high-precision measurement and positioning;
3.PLC and touch-screen control cooperate with simple operation and high-degree intelligence;
4.With dust suction device,without enviromental and equipment pollution;
5.It is powerful and has the function of checkwegihing and out-of tolerence rejection function;
6.It is easy,simple and convenient to replce the can.
7.304 stainess steel frame,horizonal opening transparent hopper makes it more easy to clean without any tools
8.Equiped with dust-removed,,Connect negative pressure pipe,These makes it more effectively to take away the dust during filling to protect the environment of the workshop.
9.Add a detector to detect out-bottles,including a pause funtion when the bottles stop,it’s more convenient to connetted with an automatic packaging line and ensure the line smoothly.
10.No need to change the mould when changing the diameter of the cans/bottle,but if the filling volume is very different or the density is very different,we need to change the screw or the filling head,it need 20-40 minutes;
11.No need to change any mould when you changing the height of the cans/bottles,it can adjust the filling head up and down by a hand screw design  ,adjustment time is about 10-30minutes;
12.Safety cover use 10mm thickness transparent acrylic cover,it seems more high-end;
13.5mmAdopted 1.5mm thickness 304 stainess steel for the whole frame;
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