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Automatic taping around machine for Lubricant Barrel Cookie Biscuit Cans

Automatic taping around machine for Lubricant Barrel Cookie Biscuit Cans

  1. 1.The machine runs stably, easy to operate and maintain

    2.Save labor costs and speed up production

    3.It is suitable for all kinds of round, square, equilateral hexagon, heart-shaped plastic boxes, tin boxes, tinplate cans and other cans that need tape sealing. It is an ideal equipment for snack food biscuits, chocolate, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other enterprises.

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Automatic rotary type vacuum capping machine

Automatic rotary type vacuum capping machine

1.Fully automatic lifting type cap sorting machine, efficient and stable capping

2.The vacuum chamber adopts reliable fully sealed technology, and the vacuum degree of packaging reaches the ideal effect

Suitable for various shapes and sizes, with strong compatibility

3.Good airtightness to ensure the qualified rate of the product

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Ropp capper

Automatic Single Head ROPP Aluminium Cover Liquor Glass Wine Bottles Pilfer Proof Caps Screw Locking Capping Machines

1. Sealing rollers are made of chromium steel with high hardness, rust-proof and excellent sealing performance
2. Container body non rotary when seaming , suitable for liquid and other fragile containers .
3. All electrical components adopt well-known high-end parts which have stable and reliable performance.
4. It is suitable for rob cap or stelvin cap sealing for all kinds of liquid, wine, medicine, daily chemical materials. It is easy to learn and is an ideal equipment in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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Automatic Single Head Viscous Liquid Granule Pepper Sauce Thick Sauce Paste Bottle Paste Filling Machine

1.With touch screen control panel, it is more convenient to adjust different kinds of parameter.The visual working data makes the
adjustment more accurate.

2.Filling head: 1,2,4,6,8,10,12 (Optional)

3.Filling head diameter:6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm,14mm, 20mmm(oter size can be customized)

4.Anti-drip filling nozzle (optional)

5.All Material contact parts are stainless steel 304. SS316L is optional.

6.Pneumatic Filling System: Simple and easy clean.

7.The filling machine can be connected with othermachines to form a filling production line, suchas capping machine, labeling
machine, bottlefeeder or bottle collector, etc.

8.Pneumatic Filling System: Simple and easy clean .

9.All Material contact parts are stainless steel 304. SS316L is optional.
10.Touch Screen with PLC System .

11.Wide Filling range:50-5000ml .

12.Low cost with high production capacity.

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Dust-proof capper ,plasitc cap capping machine,overcapper


1. PLC control system, flexible and convenient operation, high degree of automation, can be used as a supporting equipment for the production line.
2. Apply to various tin cans, aluminum cans, paper cans and other circular cans
3. Ideal packaging equipment for different specifications of dustproof covers.
4. Automatically lay cover, clasp cover and gland cover with high productivity. It could be connected with the cap unscramble machine feeding cap automatically.

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Good price 304 stainless steel magnetic pump automatic perfume cosmetic olive oil agri liquid filling capping all in one machines

It can filling low viscous liquid.

1.Chemicals (medicine oil, medicinal liquor, alcohol, eye drops, syrup,solvent, acetone)

 2.Oil (edible oil, essential oil) )

3.Cosmetics (toner, makeup remover,spray)

4. Beverage (juice, fruit wine)

5.Seasoning (soy sauce vinegar)

6.High and low foam liquid ( Care solution, detergent)

7.Filling and capping all in one machine(bottle or can is acceptable)

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Semi Automatic Glass Jar Vacuum Capping Machine

Semi Automatic Glass Jar Vacuum Capping Machine

●It adopts PLC control system and touch screen interface operation, which is extremely simple and clear to use

●The vacuum pressure can be adjusted on the touch screen

●The contact material is food-grade silica gel

●Reasonable and stable structure, easy and quick to change different tank types

●Good airtightness to ensure the qualified rate of the product

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can sealer

Semi-automatic can sealer SR-FG135C

No gear transmission, low noise,easy to maintain.

The motor at the bottom instead of in the top ,avoid the dusty when running , safter for using and moving .

Seaming roller made of Cr12, seaming head 304#stainless steel.

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Powder Production Line

Single Head Auger Filling Machine|Powder Production Line | Milk Powder Protein Powder filling machine

1. Adopt single head or double-screw heads to ensure high-precision canning;
2. The cooperation between servo motor and pneumatic to control the screw metering,support cans,move cans,relaize high-precision measurement and positioning;
3.PLC and touch-screen control cooperate with simple operation and high-degree intelligence;
4.With dust suction device,without enviromental and equipment pollution;
5.It is powerful and has the function of checkwegihing and out-of tolerence rejection function;
6.It is easy,simple and convenient to replce the can.
7.304 stainess steel frame,horizonal opening transparent hopper makes it more easy to clean without any tools
8.Equiped with dust-removed,,Connect negative pressure pipe,These makes it more effectively to take away the dust during filling to protect the environment of the workshop.
9.Add a detector to detect out-bottles,including a pause funtion when the bottles stop,it’s more convenient to connetted with an automatic packaging line and ensure the line smoothly.
10.No need to change the mould when changing the diameter of the cans/bottle,but if the filling volume is very different or the density is very different,we need to change the screw or the filling head,it need 20-40 minutes;
11.No need to change any mould when you changing the height of the cans/bottles,it can adjust the filling head up and down by a hand screw design  ,adjustment time is about 10-30minutes;
12.Safety cover use 10mm thickness transparent acrylic cover,it seems more high-end;
13.5mmAdopted 1.5mm thickness 304 stainess steel for the whole frame;
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