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Fully automatic high quality nitrogen gas flushing tin can vacuum sealing machine


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vacumm can seamer
vacumm can seamer



1. The overall appearance material is mainly made of stainless steel 304 with a thickness of 1.5mm;
2. The plexiglass is made of imported acrylic with a thickness of 10mm and a high-end atmosphere;
3. The roller is sealed with 2 rollers, and the tank body is sealed by rotation, and the sealing performance is excellent;
4. There is a cover alarm function for the missing cover alarm to ensure the equipment to work efficiently and uninterruptedly;
5. Set up without lids, cans and fault detection shutdown, effectively reducing equipment failures;
6.  The cover giving can loading 200 at a time (one tube);
7.Strict testing methods are used to test the sealing effect before delivery and delivery to ensure product quality;
8.The defect rate is extremely low, iron cans are less than one ten thousandth, plastic cans are less than one thousandth, paper cans are less than two thousandths;
9. The seaming head is quenched with chromium 12 molybdenum vanadium, with a hardness of more than 50 degrees and a service life of more than 1 million cans;
10. The rollers are imported from Taiwan. The roller material is SKD Japanese special mold steel with a life span of more than 5 million seals. 11. Configure two conveyor belts with a total length of 1.5 meters, a height of 0.9 meters, and a chain width of 185mm;
12. Adopting the unique device design of cover giving to realize the function of vacuum nitrogen of all kinds of cans such as plastic cans, paper cans and iron cans.

Auxiliary equipment:

N2 Gas Generator+ Air Drying Machine+ Air Compressor

As for using the Nitrogen flush can sealing machine, you need N2 Gas Generator+ Air Drying Machine+ Air Compressor to feed the Nitrogen gas for keep the goods fresh.

So you could just buy the vacuuming nitrogen canning machine for herbs, or get the full equipment from us together, it would be save time to get everyting in 1 shot to start your business.

Could I also purchase cans from you?

Aabsolutely YES, we could help you source the aluminum cans, tin can, PET can, paper composite can for the can seaming machine.


Main Parameter

Technical Parameters
Qty of Sealing Head
Sealing Speed
Sealing Height
Can Diameter
Working Voltage
Electricity Power
Applicable can types
Tin cans / PET cans / aluminum cans / paper cans
Electrical accessories
PLC & Touch screen
Mitsubishi / Japan
Touch screen
Siemens / Germany
Photoelectric Sensors
Autonics / Korea
AirTAC / Taiwan
The electromagnetic valve
AirTAC / Taiwan
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Scope of application

Our can sealer is widely used in food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, suitable for particles, liquid, powder round specifications of various tanks bodies(including plastic tubes, tinplate cans, aluminum cans) sealed packaging.


1.Can I visit your factory?

-Yes, we welcome to visit our 2000 ㎡ factory

2.Can your engineers provide installation services?
-Yes, in order to save your cost, we will send you a video with detailed information about the machine installation and provide assist you till the end.
3.If we have very special request for the production line,could you help me to do the design?
-We have more than 15 years of experience, we have a professional engineer and installation team to meet your packaging needs.
4.How to ensure the quality of my machine?
-Before delivery, we will send you the pictures and videos for you to check the machine quality.And also you can arrange for quality checking by yourself or by your contacts in China.
5.Do you provide wearing parts for me to replace?
-When there is a problem with your machine, please contact us as soon as possible.